Activate Paramount Plus On Your Streaming Player

Activate Paramount Plus, the on-demand streaming service is the upgraded version of the CBS All-access channel. You can stream entertaining shows from top channel networks if you subscribe. The service is owned and operated by ViacomCBS. The CBS All-access channel subscription will be automatically transferred to Paramount plus. Let us provide the channel updates here if you are excited to know more

How To Sign Up For Paramount+?

To activate the Paramount Plus channel, create a channel account. To sign up for Paramount+ you can either visit the account sign up portal or install the paramount plus app to begin the process

Install Paramount

Install Paramount+ app by visiting the device app store

Sign Up for Paramount+

Launch the app and choose the option, Sign Up for Paramount+

On-screen Guidelines

Follow the on-screen guidelines that appear on your device display screen

Signup Process

You can provide the Name, Email ID, and Password to complete the signup process

Account Creation

Once if the account creation process is complete, make a note of the channel account credentials

Sign-up Portal

If you prefer visiting the sign-up portal, find the account sign-up tab and provide the required sign-up data.
Paramount Plus Top Shows And Movies

 Top Shows And Movies

Here we list the most-watched and entertaining Paramount+ channel shows and Movies

  • The real world
  • Console Wars
  • Coyote
  • The Real World: Homecoming
  • Mission Impossible.
  • The Switch
  • The Twilight Zone

Paramount+ Plans

The channel offers two subscription tiers

  1. The basic plan(ad- supported) of Paramount+ cost $5.99 per month
  2. Paramount+ also offers $9.99 plan (ad- free)

Select the best plan and pay the appropriate subscription charges. You can now stream Paramount+ channel programs in 4K, Dolby Vision, and HDR quality. Also, download and watch your favorite videos offline

It’s good that these packages offer 7 days free trial period before subscription

How To Get The Paramount Plus?

Here we explain Activate Paramount Plus steps

  1. We suggest the top branded device models such as Andriod TV, Apple TV, Roku, Samsung TV, Vizio TV, Portal TV, and Amazon Fire TV to begin Paramount Plus Activation
  2. After choosing the device, start the device setup. Then access the device app store to find the Paramount Plus channel. You can search by typing the channel name
  3. Add the channel to your account. Then launch the channel app. Use the Paramount Plus account credentials for signin. You can create the Paramount Plus channel account by visiting the account creation portal
  4. Collect the channel activation code. By visiting the portal, com, you can provide the activation code. Error codes may appear if you use the invalid and wrong portal for activation. We suggest using the appropriate troubleshooting guide to resolve it.

To experience paramount+ live stream, we suggest the top live channel packages such as

At&T TV Now
Fubo TV
Sling TV
YouTube TV

If you require any assistance to begin Activate Paramount Plus using the portal, please contact our customer support executives right away. It’s time to stay entertained watching the entertaining shows on the channel

Paramount Plus FAQ’s

How To Resolve Paramount Plus Channel Activation Issues?

  1. To fix Paramount plus channel activation errors, you can check the device compatibility, verify the channel activation portal and the code used
  2. Also, check if performing a device restart can resolve the common activation errors
  3. Learn the channel activation steps before execution

How To Troubleshoot Paramount Plus Channel Streaming Issues?

  1. If you have any trouble while streaming Paramount plus channel, follow the steps below
  2. Clear the network cache and browsing history before streaming the content
  3. Make sure that the browsers used support Paramount plus channel streaming
  4. You can also try disabling the ad-blockers that causes streaming issues
  5. Browsers such as Firefox arrive with a tracking protection feature that causes streaming issues. You can disable this feature and start streaming again
  6. Ensure to use a high-speed internet connection of 4 Mbps to stream Paramount plus channel. If the network speed is slow, perform an internet speed test by contacting your Internet service provider
  7. Cross-check if you are running the latest and updated version of the Paramount plus channel app. If not uninstall the existing app and install the new version

How To Update My Roku Device Software To Fix The Paramount Plus Streaming Error?

If you are using a Roku device, access the System update settings to update your device software to the latest version

How To Resolve Paramount Plus Channel Streaming Issues On Amazon Fire Tv?

If you are using a Fire TV model, go to Settings > Select applications> Choose the option, Manage applications. The stop the Paramount plus channel app, clear the network cache, and re-launch the channel app to stream again

Can I Fix Paramount Plus Channel App Crashing Issue?

To resolve Paramount plus channel app crashing issue, follow the instructions below

  1. Close the Paramount plus channel app and load the app again
  2. Restart your device using the appropriate settings

What Are The Top Channel Networks Available On Paramount Plus?

Here we list the top channel networks available on Paramount plus. Select the best channel that you like the most

  1. CBS
  2. MTV
  3. BET
  4. Nickelodeon
  5. Comedy central

How To Set Up Parental Controls For Paramount Plus?

  1. To set parental controls for Paramount plus, visit the channel account page and navigate to the parental control section. Enter the paramount plus password to continue
  2. Now create a four-digit pin and enter it in the fields required
  3. You can now use the Pinto watch the restricted content during playback
  4. Below the Pin icon, choose the blue circle or the lock icon
  5. The blue icon indicates that the content is blocked
  6. Use the option, Save to save your parental control settings


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